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Pre-K - Mrs. Vaughan and Mrs. Shapiro

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icon PreK Lesson Plan April 2018 (167.47 kB)






We hope everyone enjoyed their week off!  April is going to be a very fun month filled with many activities. We come back to school on April 2nd. Our 100th day of school will be on April 12th.  We will be doing many fun activities that day including counting out 100 snacks!  We have Mother’s Nature visiting us on April 4th and the Art Show on April 24th.  We have Leaping and Lunging with Lynn on April 11th and 25th and we have our Mother’s Day program (April 30th) to get ready for.

This month our dramatic play area will be changed into a veterinarian’s office and later in the month it will become a flower shop. Our sensory table will be filled with colored sand and then dirt with insects, buckets and gardening gloves. In our science center we will grow grass, use water beads, fish, sort insects, observe/sort seeds and plants and we will experiment with putting white flowers in colored water. We will have a week dedicated to color mixing as well.

This month we will finish our letters of the alphabet with “Xx”, “Yy”, and “Zz”. We will then review the letters of the alphabet. (naming the letters, matching capital/lowercase letters and beginning and ending sounds) We will also continue writing our first and last names at the writing center, doing our syllable sort, spring rhyme time puzzles, salt and sand letter tracing trays and our spring writing station! We will also use our spring letter play-dough mats as well as our spring beginning sound mats.

In our math center, the children will continue measuring and will get to play a “plant the seed” counting game.  We will trace and review numbers each week and we will also use our spring number counting cards. We might even do some flower pot sorting!  Bug patterning and marshmallow pattering are two fun activities also planned.

Throughout April we will be learning some special songs and at the end of the month, we will be making something special for our Moms! (It’s a secret! Shhh!)


Throughout the month, please look for our volunteer sign-ups outside of our classroom.  If you have any questions or concerns, please ask!