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30-36 mos. PDO - Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

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icon 30mo Lesson Plan February 2018 (131.44 kB)


Busy Bees Classroom

Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

February Newsletter


Dear Parents,

We have really enjoyed watching the children’s growth since their return after Christmas.   This month we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Please send in a Valentine for each classmate (it is easiest to hand out if the cards do not have the classmates names on them). We will be talking about Love and Kindness. We will learn about the color Black and also do a color review. Our numbers are 9 & 10 and the shapes are triangle and rectangle. The children will also really enjoy the playdough in the sensory table. If you would be will to make some new play dough for the class please let me know.   

Wee Three Kings will be closed on Monday, February 19th  for Presidents Day.



Ms.  Tina and Ms.  Chrystie