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30-36 mos. PDO - Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

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Busy Bees Classroom

Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

May Newsletter




Dear Parents,

We can hardly believe the school year is nearly over, and summer is quickly approaching! It has been a truly wonderful year, and we will miss each and every one of our students! We consider it a blessing and a privilege to have worked with such wonderful families.

In our last month we will discuss Mother's Day, The Beach, and Summer Fun. We will focus on why our Mom's are so special. We will learn the number "15", and complete color/shape review. The kids will also enjoy some "free" art and music, and be able to show their artistic creativity.

We want to thank each and every parent that sent in food and treats the week

of teacher appreciation week. We felt so appreciated and loved. It was truly a treat to not have to think about lunch that week. Everything was delicious!!!

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to teach your children this year. We are proud of the progress each child has made. Thank you for entrusting your children to us. We will miss them!

Have a fun and safe summer with your family.



Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie