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30-36 mos. PDO - Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

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Busy Bees Classroom

Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

January Newsletter


Dear Parents,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We want to thank all of you again for the wonderful Christmas gifts! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Celebration as much as we did. It is a blessing to work with such great children, parents, and grandparents.

          With the New Year we will be adding shapes to our Circle Time. This month we will be working on the numbers "7", "8" and “9”, the colors grey, white and black, and the shapes circle and square. We will also ring in the New Year, discuss Winter themes, Winter, Winter Animals, Transportation and Dinosaurs.  The children will especially enjoy the "snow" in the Sensory Table this month!

We are looking forward to a great 2018 with your children! Thank you for your continued involvement and dedication to the Busy Bee's Classroom!


Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie