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30-36 mos. PDO - Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

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Busy Bees Classroom

Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie

March Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Though we are sad that the year is moving by so very quickly, we are looking forward to Spring! February was a fun month, with the children especially enjoying our Valentine's Day Celebration. The kids had fun giving and receiving Valentine's, as well as the sweet treats!

March will be a busy month. We will be learning the numbers "11" and "12", the shapes oval and octagon, and we will continue our color review. Our March themes include “ Bear Fun”, "St. Patrick's Day” and “Rainbows", and lastly Easter! We will have a little Easter Egg Hunt, as well as a treat, to celebrate Easter.

As a reminder, we will be off for Easter and Spring Break the week of March 26th and school will resume on Monday, April 2nd. We always look forward to hearing how the children spent their break! Have a safe and relaxing week off, and a blessed Easter!


Ms. Tina and Ms. Chrystie